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Graves Disease with Dr Denise Furness

Danny Urbinder | Dr Denise Furness | Keonie Moore | Dr Marc Cohen | Tara Nelson

In this episode of Patient Journeys, Dr Denise Furness tells her story about Graves disease, taking us through the numerous challenges she faced with the serious disease, as well as the important lessons learned along the way, allowing her to return to a state of wellness.

Intro intro intro, Keonie Moore, Dr Marc Cohen, Tara Nelson.

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Covered in this episode

[01:34] Welcoming guests
[02:21] Signs, symptoms and suggested investigations
[05:34] Graves and the gut
[08:02] Genetic factors
[09:29] Graves, Coeliac and gluten
[11:16] Viral triggers for auto-immunity
[13:03] Mould
[16:01] Pregnancy, Graves and the thyroid
[21:27] Thyroid and mood
[23:10] Diagnosing Graves in pregnancy
[27:36] Treating Graves in pregnancy
[35:03] Dietary considerations
[39:17] Medication and natural treatment
[46:20] Vitamin D
[47:48] Sulforaphane
[48:45] Nutritional and micronutrient deficiencies
[54:50] Exercise and Graves
[1:03:01] Sleep and endocrine function
[01:09:43] Supplementation
[01:11:31] Gut testing and treatment
[01:16:04] Genetics and predispositions
[01:19:08] Over-treatment and hypothyroidism
[01:25:02] Herbal Medicine
[01:30:19] Acetyl-L Carnitine
[01:35:32] Additional resources, closing remarks and thanking guests

Mentioned in the podcast

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