Gabe Covino

Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy
Master of Human Nutrition
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science with Honours. 

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Gabe is an experienced educator, naturopath, and registered nutritionist, and has worked with patients with eating disorders since 2009 as part of her naturopathic practice. Motivated by the lived experience of several women close to her, she recognised the need to build a supportive, collaborative team around those with a compromised relationship with food, their diet, and their body.

Gabe has developed curriculum content for both naturopathic and nutrition degrees and has worked in a clinic supervisory role across both Torrens University and Endeavour College for more than 10 years. She has written for naturopathic textbooks and has been contributing editor for a complementary medicine trade journal. She currently manages content for the education arm of Blackmores Institute and for the FX medicine Podcast – where she remains committed to the ongoing education of healthcare practitioners to optimise clinical outcomes for patients.

Gabe has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, a Master of Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science with Honours.

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