IMH – Code of Conduct

IMH Code of Conduct

IMH (‘Us, Our’) is a community platform established by Us for health professionals and interested general public (the Hub). 

What makes the Hub unique is our aim for people to access an international array of quality, evidence-based information to better meet their educational health care needs. 

When You agree to become a member of Our community and We accept Your membership (‘You, Your’) You enter an inclusive learning environment which is shared with people of different ages, nationalities, religions, cultures and backgrounds with different knowledge, ability, expertise and experience. 

Our aim is for each community member (You) to learn from each other, to positively interact with each other and to forge lasting connections for the betterment of the health care community and its patients. 

Being part of the Our community most importantly means treating each other with respect, honesty and kindness. 

As a condition of Your entry to Our IMH Community You acknowledge and agree to abide and adhere to our Code of Conduct which requires You to:

  • be 18years of age or older. 
    • To have an IMH profile you must be over the age of 18 year of age. 
  • communicate to all members in English.
    • Communicating with a lot of people becomes very difficult if everyone comments in a different language so to foster all communications we require it to be in English.
  • adopt and use only one appropriately named profile and to open only one account.
    • We encourage you to use the name that you prefer to be known by in your daily life or in professional practice.
    • If you have privacy or safety concerns you are permitted to use a different profile name or to just use an initial for part of it. You also agree to provide Us with the reasons for any pseudonym if asked by Us to provide it. 
    • Profile names must never impersonate another person (living or dead), other users or brands and must not conflict with this Code of Conduct.
  • not share ‘personal contact details’ when logged into the IMH Platform. 
    • We consider ‘personal contact details’ to include email address, postal address or telephone number or direct communication tools such as Skype or Snapchat or similar communication tools.
    • We do not permit personal contact details sharing. Why? To ensure Your safety and privacy. This is because You do not know who might be reading your comment or who may contact you other than the person you thought you were sharing your details. For Your safety and privacy do not share contact details.
    • Subject to AHPRA and relevant their Codes links to a social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are permitted provided your privacy settings meet your needs prior to listing your details.
    • Subject to AHPRA and relevant their Codes you may provide your professional business or clinic details. 
  • ensure all comments made by You are Your own. If You quote another author or source You must credit that author
    • You must not copy another member’s comment or pretend that it is Your own. If You agree with a comment, ‘like’ it instead or leave a reply to further the discussion.
    • When quoting text from another source You must show where it came from. For example, if it’s an online source, journal article include the URL or link to the abstract or article. 
    • We do not accept actions that may be construed as a breach of copyright, defamatory or amount to a contempt of court. 
  • be respectful of others within Our community - other members, expert presenters and site administrators
    • Do not use words or share content that is inflammatory or offensive.
    • We do not accept harassment, hate speech, bullying, drama, gossip or any political comments. 
    • We do not accept abusive language, names or content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexually explicit, anti-Semitic, abusive, Islamophobic or any language, innuendo, cartoon or symbol that suggests or contains swearing or is otherwise likely to cause offence to any member of Our community.
    • We expect all members of Our Community to encourage and support other Community members. 
    • Sometimes online communication via text or within community chat forums can lead to misunderstandings. We expect You to always give other people the benefit of the doubt. 
    • We expect You to be kind in your interactions. It’s difficult sometimes to know or fully appreciate the situation of the person you’re talking to even so We expect this space will ensure We all connect, share and grow as a health care community.
    • We do not expect You to encourage or condone any unlawful, harmful or potentially harmful activity. This activity may include Your action or omission to act, threatening or encouraging words, actions or symbols that may encourage another member to self-harm or consider or act out their suicidal thoughts. 
    • We do not expect you to contact or email other members without their permission or add people to your newsletter or data base. 
  • accept a person’s ideas even when You may disagree with them
    • In every community You meet people with different ideas and perspectives. We require You to discuss or simply ignore ideas to which you disagree. We do not accept any verbal attack or criticism of a member of Our community as an individual. 
    • We consider all personal attacks as negative comment about or directed to another community member, expert presenters, learners or Our administrators. These personal attacks will not be accepted by Us.
    • If You make comments that We considered are defamatory that comment will immediately be hidden or removed.
    • We do not accept Your persistent arguing with an expert presenter or another member. If resolution between You and that person is not possible we expect You to stop communicating with them or if you persist We will remove You from the discussion. 
    • If You disagree or have an opposing viewpoint to share We suggest you first seek to understand the other person’s point of view, ask questions and gather information before responding. If and when you do respond We require You to do respond in a respectful manner. Active discussions about ideas and concepts are positive but personal attacks are not accepted
    • If You disagree or have an opposing viewpoint to share We suggest feedback should be offered with the intention of assisting the other community member and not to make them feel ashamed. The ability to give constructive feedback is an excellent skill to learn.
  • participate in conversations by adding your well thought out comments 
    • We do not permit:
      • ‘spamming’ other community members by posting the same comment repeatedly or duplicating unrelated material
      • adding comment that is completely ‘off-topic’, ‘incidental’ or near-identical posts. We consider this as ‘spam’
      • off-topic comments which are unrelated to the overall subject of a course or line of discussion.
    • We recognize conversations may go on different lines of thought but We do not accept comments that are disruptive to Our community discussion. 

We rely on Your support for Our community to flourish. 

Violating one or several of these statements is grounds for immediate suspension of your membership from Our community and considered a breach of Our Terms and Conditions.

Please contact Us where You consider any comments have or may be in breach this Code of Conduct. You can report a comment by: 

  • clicking the FLAG icon found below the comments.
  • report any Member Profiles or provide Us with feedback comments emailed to

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