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Nathalie Paul


Nathalie was born in Africa, then moved to France, where she studied Literature in high school, then Management and Auditing at University, until she decided to follow her passion in the field of Health and Wellbeing. She is a citizen of France and Australia, born in Africa, from parents who are respectively Indian and Madagascan.

In appearance, it looks like Nathalie had the perfect childhood, teenage and young adult life. Though Nathalie went through a difficult experience when she was 7 y.o, that led her to repress all her emotions. Life was then about having good marks at school, performing well as a pianist and making sure she could get a job that would provide her financial safety…

Nathalie succeeded in many ways, at a personal and professional level, finding herself with some inexplicable ailments every now and then. She also went through a couple of years of Anorexia Nervosa, which she healed, without really digging deep into the root cause of this serious eating disorder.

Nathalie arrived in Australia in 2010 when she was in extreme pain, thinking that the ‘disease’ would go away after a week or two. That excruciating pain was actually the beginning of a long journey of 5 years with autoimmune diseases. Today Nathalie embraces the blessing of this journey: the pain woke her up to Life, and actually to the existence of higher consciousness, beyond the physical reality. The pain was a wake-up call to realise that we are energy before we get physical. From that experience with physical pain, she now runs talks and 1:1 sessions to help others heal & transform their pain.

Nathalie was not born a dancer; dancing was actually what she feared the most. It is only in 2017, as she was in the darkest place, dealing with feelings of grief and loss that she started a regular practice of dancing, with the 5-rhythms community in Bondi. Dancing was her way to find pure presence and to express herself in freedom. She travelled to Bali where she got inspired by Deva Songbird (owner of The Temple Bali). When she came back, she attended a Shaking workshop with Keith Motes (e-motion Yoga at the time). It is also during that time that she discovered the Unconditional Love Healing approach taught by Simon Wing-Lun and Lora Radford in Sydney, and this healing approach has since been her way to go through Life challenges. Later on, she created the group Maroubra Dance and decided to join Deva’s Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training in Bali.

In 2020, Nathalie found herself drawn to add some therapeutic tremoring (shaking) to her daily practices. She decided to become a Shaking Medicine practitioner, with an intent to share this beautiful ancient modality that is inherent to our beingness.

Nathalie is now a Shaking Medicine Practitioner, an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, a fully certified Unconditional Love Healing Practitioner. 

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