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Jeffrey DeSarbo

Dr Jeffrey DeSarbo, D.O. , physician & psychiatrist


Jeffrey DeSarbo, D.O. is a physician, psychiatrist and Medical Director of ED-180 Eating Disorder Treatment Programs in Garden City, N.Y., one of the largest private treatment centers in the country. His practice manages about 400 patients with eating disorders and related conditions. Dr. DeSarbo is an IAEDP certified supervisor overseeing the specialized training of other clinicians in the eating disorder field. He has treated thousands of patients with eating disorders nationally and internationally and has lectured and consulted in over 22 countries. In addition to psychopharmacological management, Dr. DeSarbo also practices CBT, ACT, FBT, psychodynamic and existential therapy. He is the host of the podcast Translating ED and the producer of the free YouTube series The Brain and Neurobiology of Eating Disorders.

Dr. DeSarbo’s special interest is with the bio-neurological correlates of eating disorders and mental health disorders and translating the published scientific research into information that treatment providers, patients and families can use to improve treatment and recovery. Dr. DeSarbo currently has an upcoming (June 2022) breakthrough book: Translating ED: Demystifying the Neuro-Biology of Eating Disorders: a 15-year project that examines the biological and neuro-imaging studies conducted over the past 25 years on patients with eating disorders and the impact that an eating disorder has on the brain, its functioning, and its ability to respond to treatment. Dr. DeSarbo is a leading specialist in helping clinicians, patients, families and loved ones understand how the brain and central nervous system’s restoration plays the most important role with expectations in treatment and recovery.

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