IMH Presenter

Nicole Bijlsma

ND, BHScAc(HONS), Grad Dip OHS,
Dip.Building Biology, IICRC mould remediator, PhD candidate


Nicole Bijlsma is a bestselling author, PhD candidate, founder of the Building Biology movement in Australia and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental Studies (RTO 21740) which was established in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. Nicole is a researcher in the field of Environmental Health, who has lectured at tertiary institutions for 30 years, has published in peer reviewed journals and is regularly consulted by the media to discuss mould, electromagnetic fields and toxic chemicals.

1 Session


Nicole discusses toxicants and their impact on health.

1 Session

Mould in the Built Environment

Nicole addresses mould in the built environment and its many and varied impacts on health.

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