IMH Expert

Lisa McDonald

  • BA (psychology) degree
  • Masters of Management

Lisa_Crop - face only

Lisa is a clinical naturopath and has been supporting chronic complex patients with chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) or mould illness for almost ten years. Lisa originally studied CIRS with Dr Richie Shoemaker and has subsequently integrated her Naturopathic training and work of others such as Dr Neil Nathan into her treatments. Lisa has had her own journey with CIRS and has a passion for complex chronic health issues.

Lisa is also an Academic Lecturer at one of the major Naturopathic Degree education providers in Australia and serves on the Board for the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH).

She has a BA (psychology) degree, Masters of Management and currently studying a BA Medicines Management CAM (Hons) degree at UTAS.

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