IMH – Moderation Policy

IMH - Moderation Policy

IMH is committed to creating an inclusive, positive environment for all members. Being a part of the IMH Community means conducting yourself with respect, honesty and kindness towards other members and educators. 

The IMH moderators assist in maintaining a positive learning environment.

Moderation on the IMH Platform

Comments on the IMH site are reactively moderated. This means that moderators do not read every single comment made within a course or community discussion group. 

IMH members or expert presenters can notify moderators of any comments that are of concern by pressing the flag button at the bottom of every comment. 

Moderators will review reported comments and decide whether the comment needs to be hidden or removed as per our Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. When this happens, the comment will be replaced with the message “This comment has been removed by an IMH moderator” and the author will be notified of this action. They are not told who flagged the comment. They can reply to the email notification to find out more information about the decision.

All IMH member profiles, discussion groups and chats are moderated in the same way.


It is the role of IMH moderators to review all content reported to them by users. IMH moderators are independent of the course educators. The moderators review content and make decisions based on the IMH Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions and relevant laws within Australia.  Their actions are overseen by IMH Moderation Support, who respond and investigate queries regarding any moderation decisions. 

Consistent Negative Behaviour

If an IMH member has been persistently negative and has broken the IMH Code of Conduct on multiple occasions, their account may be suspended. If they have continued to post disruptive or offensive comments their account may be suspended immediately and without warning to prevent them from causing any further harm. 

Extreme Negative Behaviour

If an IMH member joins the community with the intention of causing trouble or post comments which are in breach of the IMH Code of Conduct, their account will be suspended immediately to prevent any further disruption. Any offending comments will be hidden or removed. 

Personal Attacks

Differing points of view are part of healthy debate. However, respectful disagreement is not the same as a personal attack. A personal attack is where a person is criticised or put down for things such as their appearance, voice, or demeanour, their nationality or location, gender, age, sexuality, race, religion, profession or employer, social status, perceived intelligence, or anything else about them as a person.

IMH is a community which promotes learning, growth and inclusion. Within this environment we expect criticism to be constructive. This means that feedback is intended to help the other person, rather than to put them down. A personal attack can often be an emotional response rather than a reasoned response. Please think carefully about what you write before posting.

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