IMH Founder

Melissa Lee

Nutritionist (BHSc)
Designer (BDesign)


Having worked as a nutritionist in clinical practice, research, sales and practitioner education, Melissa was frustrated with the unavailability of high quality, evidence-based visual materials specific to nutrition and the natural medicine industry.

She believes that science is about communicating our findings, so we need to start speaking louder and better.

Melissa’s interest in digital design was initially sparked when she began her studies in Multimedia Systems Design at RMIT University before going on to specialise in creating digital learning experiences for primary and tertiary education institutions. Apart from design, Melissa’s other great love is food! Following her passion, she decided to study Nutritional Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine which led her down the path of complementary and integrative medicine.

As opportunities arose Melissa found herself in a position to combine her two passions and has never looked back since.

In 2012, Melissa was part of the pioneering team that created FX Medicine, which encompassed a website and educational resources, podcasts, infographics and articles aimed at helping enhance your practice of integrative and complementary medicine.

Today, Melissa combines her scientific and creative strengths to create purposeful designs for healthcare practitioners and researchers, as well as various health publications and websites.

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