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Dr Denise Furness


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Dr Denise Furness, PhD is a molecular geneticist and nutritionist. She is a pioneer in the field of nutrigenomics and personalised health with almost 20 years experience in the area. She began her career as a research scientist focusing on folate nutrigenomics, methylation and DNA damage in relation to pregnancy health. Over the years her research expanded covering vitamin D, inflammation and oxidative stress. She has published her work in peer reviewed journals and has won numerous awards for her research and conference presentations. In 2012 she founded Your Genes and Nutrition and began applying her knowledge in private practice. In addition, Denise provides education for health practitioners drawing on her own clinical trials as well as the latest evidence based research, government and peak health body guidelines in relation to nutrigenomics, lifestyle and environmental medicine. Furthermore, Denise has worked in the fitness industry and is certified in various modalities ranging from Tai chi to HIIT training. Combining these skills she aims to help patients overcome health challenges, improve quality of life and reduce the burden of disease.

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