IMH Founder

Shelley Young

Naturopath (BHSc)
Nurse (BNursing)
Cert IV Massage
Cert IV Business Sales


Shelley is a naturopath with a background in critical care, emergency and perioperative nursing. Her interests include food as medicine and plant-based eating, organic and low-tox living, being a conscious consumer and treading lightly on our Earth.

Shelley’s experiences working in the medical industry initiated her search for the pathways to true health; her research led her to complementary and integrative medicine, and revealed that preventative and holistic medicine is both the answer to wellbeing and the future of medicine as humanity grapples with an ever increasing burden of chronic and lifestyle-related disease. After subsequently completing her Bachelor of Health Science degree in naturopathy at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Shelley worked in the integrative medicine industry in clinical practice, practitioner education and sales, and as a business development manager.

Shelley is passionate about complementary and integrative medicine and elevating its standing through world class, unbiased education that is collaborative, accessible, affordable, inclusive and founded in high quality science. Her vision for IMH is a place where individual contributions find strength in coming together towards the common goal of benefiting all humankind and improving the wider healthcare system.

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