Patient Journeys

Overcoming CIRS


Overcoming CIRS


Amie Skilton

In this episode of Patient Journeys we hear the story of CIRS sufferer Amie Skilton and how she navigated this frustrating and perplexing illness to ultimately find a path back to wellness. Throughout her story we also hear from a range of relevant experts to provide important insights along the way.


Amie Skilton

Amie Skilton, functional medicine practitioner of almost 20 years, is a well known and respected educator in naturopathic medicine. For over 15 years she has graced conference stages, TV sets and – in recent times – laptop screens via Zoom; and in that time has presented more than a thousand keynotes to functional medicine practitioners, integrative GPs, holistic pharmacists and the general public.

In 2017, after developing an environmentally-acquired illness (CIRS), she discovered the world of building biology and the various ways in which the built environment has a profound impact on human health. She realised her naturopathic, nutritional and herbal toolkit were only as useful as her environment was healthy and so her educational repertoire has expanded to include environmental health hazards along with functional medicine strategies.

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