Chronic disease is a complex and multifaceted manifestation of a struggling system and it requires a comprehensive understanding of the whole person to identify underlying causes.

A systems-oriented approach, such as that seen in functional medicine and naturopathy, recognise that all biological systems possess emergent properties that are only expressed by the system as a whole and not by any isolated part of the system. 

We are networks of structure and function and health is determined by the dynamic relationships between these factors.

Nothing demonstrates this fact better than the story featured in this episode.

Nathalie Paul lived, by most people’s standards, a very successful life but, this came at a price. She was stressed, disconnected from the messages her body was sending her and lacked awareness of her emotional needs. Down the track, she was faced with intense physical pain and chronic illness which led to some deep discoveries about herself and how to regain her health.

Nathalie is a testament to the innate wisdom of our bodies and how we have disengaged from this fundamental aspect of life. This episode explores the profound importance of listening to the messages our bodies are trying to tell us and learning to trust ourselves as human beings.

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