Cold and Flu Bomb

This drink contains ingredients which are known to be antimicrobial, and nutrients to boost immunity - perfect for when you feel under the weather.…

Shaving Slip

This silky smooth and beautifully fragrant shaving “slip” is not a shaving "foam” as it doesn’t contain foaming agents. It also moisturises…

Lip Balm

There's something wonderful about making your own lip balm. Fragrant, silky smooth and you know exactly what's in i…


This moisturiser can be used on the face or body and is velvety smooth. The smell is amazing and it’s hugely rewa…


This is a delicious, easy and quick dahl. It freezes well and can be served as part of a meal with other curries or served simply on its own with s…


Kimchi is both a pre and pro-biotic food, so it is both beneficial bacteria and food for these bugs to eat!

Kimchi Hot Pot

Kimchi Hot Pot is a great way to use kimchi that has been fermenting for many weeks or even a few months.

Haloumi Curry

Kimchi Omelette

This Kimchi Omelette will be your new favourite way to eat eggs! Packed with flavour and full of gut-friendly bacteria.

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