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Keonie Moore

ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic
Founding Director; Senior Naturopath

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With a strong focus on clinical relevance, Keonie Moore is a sought-after keynote presenter due to her focus on how research findings can be implemented into routine clinic settings to influence key clinical treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Career highlights include being invited as:
Keynote speaker at the 2nd International Endocrinology conference, Chicago
Keynote speaker at the 7th Global Dieticians and Nutritionist Annual Conference, Philadelphia
Speaker 8th International Conference in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine April 2018, Kochi.

Keonie has most recently published a case report in the esteemed Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology and completed a pilot study on the use of Phellodendron amurense in metabolic syndrome in a naturopathic setting.

But, primarily, Keonie is a clinician and is well-known for treating chronic and complex presentations such as neuropsychiatric disorders and autoimmune disease.

Drawing on her clinical experience, Keonie is the director of ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic in Melbourne. Leading a team of over 25 staff, Keonie is committed to lifting the standards of complementary medicine and establishing operational systems that ensure that evidence is integrated into clinical practice.

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