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Howard Todd-Collins

Howard Todd Collins

Howard is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Consultant and Director of Men and Relationships Counselling.

He holds a Masters Degree in Counselling and Human Services and is a qualified member of the Australian Counselling Association. He provides individual psychotherapy consultations to men, women, fathers, mothers, grandparents, young adults and relationship counselling to couples.

Howard also designs and facilitates personal development, parent education and emotional skills workshops for men, women and couples.

Before entering private practice, he worked in the Mental Health Sector providing support to adults with psychiatric disabilities. His career spanned 16 years, half of which included organisational leadership and program management roles in designing, implementing, and facilitating recovery focused, rehabilitation programs.

Howard has provided external supervision and consultation to support staff, counsellors, team leaders and managers within the Mental Health and Community Health sectors.

Howard and his associates specialise in working with men and those in relationship with them.

He has a particular interest in the meta-emotion of men, that is the feeling about feelings and the messages men have been taught in regards to their emotional expression.

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